Sony’s first home console was a smash hit all over the world. It was a disc based console that could generate 3D graphics and was actually affordable by most people’s standards. There were a couple of other systems out there, Phillips CDi for example and even Sega’s ill-fated Saturn, but Sony captured the masses attention and in doing so wrestled the reigns of a video game empire away from the juggernauts that were Nintendo and Sega. It would only get better for Sony when they released the second generation of their Playstation console in 2001. They had become the big boys on the block and it was time for another player to try and take them down as well as an old competitor to try and make a comeback.


It was long after Sony’s huge success with the PS2 that Microsoft released its popular XBOX console. It was a big hit in the US with its online play and its more powerful processor. It never quite caught up to the Playstation machine in terms of sales, but it surpassed Nintendo as a machine for serious gamers. It set the framework for their next console for the next generation in their Xbox360 machine. It was much more powerful and beat Playstation and Nintendo to market by over a year. It had a well established base by the time the other consoles hit the market. Check out this about black ops 2 cheats.


Nintendo has proven once again, with its Wii consol that it knows what people want in a video game console more than the people that play them. They always seem to buck convention and go in the different direction than what the industry as a whole might be doing. They did it with the original NES, when everybody said video games were dead, they defied the odds. When everybody said you had to put games on discs, Nintendo decided to go with the cartridges on the N64 and created some of the most beloved games of all time with the Zelda and Mario series. They went for it again and took power away from the new system and went with innovation and accessibility. It looks as if they have picked a winner again.

Develop Sick Games and Give them Away for Free.

The mistake most freelance video game designers make that limits their salary as a video game designer is they give away their lame programs and try to sell the sick ones. People aren’t going to know your games are sick unless they can see them first. If you develop a sick game and give it away for free, you’ll develop a name for yourself real fast. And that is what dictates the video game designer salary.

When you develop, build, and sell your own games. You keep one hundred percent of the profits. Now, freelance video game designers cannot demand people pay $50 or $60 for the video games they design and build. But you can get $1 to $10 for them at the Apple Store. And promoting your games is going to be so easy you aren’t going to believe me.

  • Create a Game
  • Give it away for free to your friends on Facebook.
  • Demo the game on YouTube.
  • Have your friends demo the game on youtube and give them another game when they do.
  • Like the videos on youtube and tag your friends that you give games to.

Pitfalls of Being a Salaried Video Game Designer for a Software Development Company.

Having a nice salary and benefits is nice. Say your getting 100k a year plus bonuses from one of the top  50 game developers. You’d be working with a team of developers, which is a lot of fun. And you would be assigned tasks by the lead developer, not a lot of fun. And when the game is finished there is a bit of hoopla. Maybe even a “wrap” party. And you move on to the next. Meanwhile your employer sells it and gets millions of dollars.

Whether you decide on freelance or working for a traditional software company the video game designer salary can be locrative.